White worms are unwanted tenants but they appear very frequently in our homes. Here are some ideas to get rid of maggot once and for all

The white worms constitute the larval state of the so-called pasta butterflies or pantry moths,  whose correct name is moths.

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The pasta butterflies have a very rapid reproductive cycle, they feed on starchy or sweet foods and are mainly nocturnal. To free yourself from their presence it is necessary to practice a deep cleaning of furniture and environments as well as acquire some habits that will prevent or delay the reappearance of white worms in the kitchen.

Small white worms in the house: how to get rid of them?

White worms typically appear on kitchen surfaces, along walls or in the corners of the ceiling. By the time they come out of the furniture, they have already reached an intermediate stage of development: after having developed from the egg they are looking for a suitable point to cocoon and subsequently transform into butterflies.

These moths feed on food, mainly flours, pasta and biscuits,  so the moths lay their eggs inside food packages damaged by transport or wear. We, therefore, end up finding white worms in the kitchen or in the outdoor areas when the larvae have already fed sufficiently and are ready to come out of the pantries to find a suitable place to create the cocoon.

Eliminate white verbs in the kitchen

The best way to eliminate white worms in the home is to carry out a  meticulous cleaning of the rooms, furniture and compartments intended to contain food. If there is concern that open food packages may harbour larvae, the food in question can be placed in the refrigerator for a few hours in order to kill the insects.

The traps most used to capture and subsequently kill adult moths (in order to prevent them from depositing other eggs) are based on pheromones and adhesive paper. To obtain maximum effectiveness from this type of trap it will be necessary to position them outside the cupboard but away from direct light.

Among the natural remedies used against the kitchen, there are the butterflies’ laurels:  it is often useful to place in the corners of infested pantries some fresh leaves of this plant by highly repellent properties.

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The chemical insecticides should be used with caution and only in the presence of an infestation extended and difficult to eradicate. Normally sold in the form of powder, these insecticides should be used in the corners of the pantries and you should avoid placing food in contact with them for at least a few hours from the moment of their installation.

White worms in the bathroom: looking for warmth

If white worms in the house feed mainly in pantries and garbage pails, they use the warm, humid environments of the bathroom to locate a favorable location for cocooning.

The most strategic points are located at the corners and on the ceiling, just above the shower box. The advice to contact a Professional Pest Control who will be able to provide suitable advice for the definitive removal of these unwanted guests remains valid.