The mattress must be thoroughly cleaned and washed at least twice a year, in summer and winter, with the change of season. Otherwise, it becomes a receptacle for mites, germs and moulds that can cause annoying allergies.


But don’t waste money on useless chemical detergents and don’t tire yourself with overly complicated mechanisms. Here are some natural remedies.

  • The first thing to do is to remove all bed linen and expose the mattress to the sun if the day permits. Then, you can proceed with the actual cleaning, using, for example, steam. Pass the filler of your appliance all over the mattress, insisting on the most stubborn stains. Then, wipe a microfiber cloth, blotting away the excess moisture.
  • For more difficult stains, such as blood, try a little hydrogen peroxide rubbed on the area in question. Oxygen removes encrustations but can discolour. So, before using it on the entire surface of the mattress, do a test in a hidden corner of the same. The blood is also removed with a mixture of cold water and salt to be vaporized with a spray dispenser.


  • The soda proves great for cleaning the mattress. Pour two handfuls on the surface of the latter and leave on for ten minutes. Then turn the mattress over and repeat the operation on the other side. After the shutter speed has elapsed, remove the excess dust with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda eliminates mould and absorbs all moisture.
  • When there are coffee or make-up stains on the mattress, use a mixture of warm water, a glass of lemon juice and a half of vinegar. Put the mixture in a spray dispenser and spray it over the stains; then wipe with a microfiber cloth until the stains are gone. Let the mattress dry and finally wipe it with a cloth on which you have poured 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil. This fragrance removes mites and gives a very pleasant smell.
  • Remember to wash the mattress protector too, reading the washing information on the label. Those in cotton can easily go in the washing machine at 60 °.


  • The vomit stains are removed with ammonia and cold water or with hot water and soap if the stains are not too stubborn. The halos should be rubbed gently until they disappear.
  • Anyone who owns a latex mattress knows that this must never be washed with too much water. Therefore, better wet it with a damp cloth on which there is a few drops of lemon. The latex mattress should be left to dry for at least 8 hours before making the bed.
  • Change the mattress at least every ten years, as the experts advise, always paying attention to the quality of the product you buy.