When the sunlight goes down and it gets late, mosquitoes begin to get noticed, reaching their peak in the dark hours.

Beyond the annoyance that causes the buzzing of these insects when we try to sleep at night or the itching due to their bites, it should be noted that mosquitoes are also carriers of diseases.

We all know the unpleasant feeling of not being able to sleep due to the presence of mosquitoes flying around the room.

These insects, in addition to being a nuisance, actually represent a real danger.

Mosquito bites can transmit numerous diseases. For this, it is important to take some preventive measures to prevent them from pinching us at night or during the day.

Why do mosquitoes try to bite us at night?

Although mosquitoes can bite us at any time of the day, their habits are purely nocturnal.

When the sunlight goes down and it gets late, mosquitoes begin to get noticed, reaching their peak in the dark hours.

But mosquitoes feel “attracted” to us also for a matter of breathing. When we breathe, we use the oxygen available in the air to nourish all the tissues of our body, and at the same time, we excrete large amounts of carbon dioxide.

When we go to sleep, we move less and allow this component to concentrate around us.

Of course, we exhale carbon dioxide all day, unconsciously, as we breathe. But it is during the night that the compound concentrates and attracts mosquitoes with greater intensity.

These insects perceive the high concentration of carbon dioxide and let themselves be guided to find food. As we exhale dioxide from the mouth and nose, they tend to concentrate around our head.

What’s more, our body heat helps them detect the presence of a living being who can supply them with fresh blood.

Because of this, people with a higher body temperature attract these insects more.

On the hottest days, the lactic acid that we release through perspiration also attracts mosquitoes. Good ventilation on summer nights can help fight the mosquito problem.

Why are they making such an annoying buzz?

We now know why mosquitoes try to bite us so intensely at night, hindering our sleep. But how come they produce such a loud and annoying hum when they fly around us?

In fact, it is not difficult to explain why it is so easy to hear them when they flutter around our room. To fly and sustain themselves in the air, mosquitoes have to flap their little wings hard. Constant impact with the air produces this annoying hum.

How to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes?

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are far from harmless insects. Despite being tiny, they can in fact pose a risk to our health.

These insects are carriers of numerous pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, worms, protozoa and so on.

This is why they act as vectors for various diseases, both for us and for our pets.

Mosquito bites are more frequent in summer, as these insects reproduce more intensively during the hot season.

This is why it is important to prepare for the season and adopt preventive habits to avoid getting stung.

5 tricks to make mosquitoes escape from your home

  1. Mosquito net: the curtains against insects or mosquito nets are essential to prevent them from entering the house. The ideal is to install them on all windows and doors.
  2. Do not accumulate water: many species of insects that bite humans exploit stagnant water to developing larvae. To combat the overpopulation of these insects in the summer, it is good to avoid water accumulation inside the house.
  3. Avoid overgrown vegetation near the house: this does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful garden. You simply have to be careful not to grow overgrown vegetation around the house, in order to prevent excessive humidity from being created, which will attract mosquitoes and promote their reproduction.
  4. Repellents: Before going out into the fresh air in the summer, remember to apply mosquito repellent to your skin. There are also specific products to protect pets.
  5. Lemongrass: This is an excellent ally for fighting mosquitoes. On the market, you can find candles, aromatic oils and other natural lemongrass repellents.

The good news is that avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes is possible, even in summer. Just follow these practical tips.

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