Curtains decorate windows, serve as an addition to decor and furniture, and expand the space. Well-groomed curtains create an atmosphere of comfort and form a general impression of the owners. Therefore, regular dry cleaning of curtains is of particular importance.

On-site cleaning from the cleaning service remove is a reliable way to care for curtains and curtains. 

We work in all suburbs of Melbourne. Our experts in just a couple of hours will return the curtains to a presentable, neat appearance, and you do not have to make an effort in this process.

How much does it cost to dry clean curtains at home?

The cost of the service is calculated based on the scope of work. Basic rates are presented in the table:

Service Prices remove the Average price from competitors.

Dry cleaning with general cleaning

You can additionally order cleaning of an apartment or office, washing windows and household appliances, as well as cleaning upholstered furniture, mattresses, and pillows.

A few words about the service

Dry cleaning of curtains at home is a convenient service that does not require the removal and subsequent hanging of bulky products. The procedure is carried out on-site using high-quality and safe detergents.

For high-quality cleaning, our specialists use a powerful vacuum cleaner-extractor. Under pressure injects agents that dissolve impurities directly into the fabric. After that, it immediately sucks them back with a vacuum along with dissolved dirt, dust, and odours.

The extraction method is suitable for removing most contaminants. It allows you to clean not only the folds of curtains but also decorative elements. Its advantage is simplicity and minimal risk of damaging the curtains.

After processing with an extractor, the products do not change colour, do not shrink, and do not deform. The use of organic chemistry, which has a high degree of activity, makes it possible to remove even old stains and odours. 

At the same time, dry cleaning of curtains is carried out at the client’s home or in the office on the job.

If we talk about the advantages of dry cleaning, we can highlight the following:


You do not need to dismantle the curtains and then hang them again. Experts will clean the curtains without even removing them from the hinges.

High speed 

Processing curtains or tulle that decorates one window usually takes about 25-60 minutes. Within a couple of hours, you can clean all the curtains in the house with high quality, and fill it with an atmosphere of comfort.


Washing is carried out using highly effective cleaning products. The procedure does not require special preparation of the room, since adjacent surfaces are not affected in any way. During the cleaning process, the structure of the fabric is not damaged, even when processing the thinnest tulle.

The Melbourne Clean Masters is suitable for curtains of any configuration, and height. It can be applied to silk, wool, viscose, cotton, polyester and other fabrics. Gentle and careful processing does not damage the structure of even the most delicate materials.

Benefits of professional cleaning

Self-washing often ends with damage to the curtains. It is especially offensive when this happens with designer products. 

In 15-20% of cases, due to shrinkage, damage to the fibres, the formation of puffs, and tarnishing of the fabric, they have to be thrown away.

If the curtains have lost their freshness, spots or stains have appeared on them, you do not need to try to solve the problem yourself. Call the specialists who will dry-clean curtains and curtains right at home. 

We will refresh and steam the canvases without even removing them from the eaves. After cleaning, the curtains will be like new.

If you want to restore freshness and cleanliness to curtains, but do not have the necessary skills to care for different fabrics, assign this task to professionals. 

How is dry cleaning of curtains carried out?

To date, various methods of home cleaning curtains and curtains are known. But the biggest difficulty with self-cleaning is choosing the right chemistry.

Too aggressive means can damage the fabric, wash the dye from the fibres, and too delicate ones cannot cope with pollution. 

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • Collection of information about the object. The expert studies the material and determines its structure, as well as the degree and type of pollution.
  • Spot removal. With the help of organic stain removers, the master locally removes dirt that has eaten into the base of the fabric.
  • Comprehensive cleaning. The procedure is carried out by dry or wet methods. After cleaning, the curtains regain their lost freshness and beauty.

At the end of the procedure, the canvases are well dried and evaporated. The specialist applies a special composition to the curtains, which has dirt-repellent properties. This allows curtains, curtains, and tulle to keep fresh for a long time, reducing the rate of their contamination.

How often should curtains be washed?

Like any home textile, curtains attract household dust. Moreover, this property does not depend on the material, cost, and other parameters of the product.

Accumulating dust can become a good breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms, which often provoke allergic reactions. Therefore, fabric curtains need to be cleaned every 5-6 months, and tulle – once every 3 months.

Why can we be trusted?

The cleaning process takes a little time. We work seven days a week and accept orders 24/7. 

You no longer have to worry about removing and transporting curtains, curtains, and tulle. Just call us at +61 0422151318 or leave a request on the website.

The mobile team will arrive at a convenient time for you. We work with private as well as corporate clients and give them the following benefits:

Official collaboration

Before cleaning, we sign a formal contract with the customer.

Experienced staff

We carefully select employees and pay much attention to their training. Our experts are familiar with different methods of cleaning curtains, so it is easy to choose the right option for a particular product.

Affordable prices

We can clean curtains of any material at an affordable price. Our rates are lower than those of our competitors.

Full range of services

We clean curtains, carpets, sofas, armchairs, chairs, ottomans, as well as general / maintenance / basic cleaning of apartments and offices. You can order cleaning after a flood, fire or repair, washing windows and household appliances from us.

We quickly respond to requests and carry out work at a convenient time for the customer.