Rules for Dirty Santa (aka “Bad Santa”) – Kris Kringle Christmas game

Anyone ever played the Dirty Santa Kris Kringle game?

It’s a favourite at our family Christmas lunch – a fun way to stretch the present giving out a bit and have a few laughs.

stealing santa

My Dirty Santa (aka Bad Santa) game rules are here

1. Everyone brings a wrapped gift. If you wrap the gift so it is hard to know what it is, that makes the game better! Eg, put little gifts in bigger, odd shape boxes. Try to disguise the gift.
2. Write a number for each person present on a piece of paper (from number 1 to the number of people present). Every person draws a piece of paper with a number. This is the order in which they choose their gift.
3. The first person picks a gift from the pile and OPENS it.
4. The second person can choose if they want to ‘steal’ the first person’s gift, or pick their own gift from the pile.
5. If someone chooses to take a gift already unwrapped, the person who has had the gift stolen from them can choose to unwrap a new gift or steal a gift from someone else in the room who has already unwrapped their gift!
6. Keep going until everyone has had a turn (going from person to person corresponding with their number drawn).

You may want to enforce more rules (like a gift can only be stolen twice or three times), or modify the game to suit you. But hopefully you get the drift.

It’s fun!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Elisha x


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