Camping tidbits from my mindbank

There is a lot going on in my mind-bank at the moment. But it’s a different type of thought pattern to the norm.

At the moment I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are on a holiday like none other I’ve ever done. And it’s going to be the longest stretch I’ve ever had away from home and away from standard work/home routines. Just that thought alone fills me with a strange feeling. Bubbles of excitement and nausea and I’m not sure what else seem to be popping in the bottom of my gut.

Adjusting to life in our camper hasn’t been bad. Really I suppose you could call us “glampers” because I have brought a number of comforts from home.

What’s been tough is assuring myself that I’m looking after the kids adequately. Finding the balance between not ignoring any ailments and not overacting to any. It’s not been the smoothest run though. Here’s the list of ailments I’ve dealt/dealing with since leaving home:
1. On day 1 of our trip, Finding a doctor to get a gumnut extracted from Miss M’s nostril that flew up there are got wedged during a bike ride. I was going to do it myself but we didn’t know what the big dark thing that was plugging up her nostril was, so thought it was better to err on the side of caution, particularly as it was so far up.
2. Dealing with the huge welts that blew up all over Miss Ms body after being bitten by mosquitoes. Looks like she had a particle reaction to the bites and woke up shivering in the night going crazy with the itching. Spent the next 2 days administering antihistamine.
3. After recovering from the bites, Miss M got an ear infection which has caused her pain last few days. Again middle of night waking, this time whimpering in pain and clutching her ear. Nurofen to the rescue. Now I’m worried about her hearing because this has been her 4th ear infection in as many months and she now seems to have trouble hearing me.
4. Little Miss S came out in red sore rash across her face. I’m tipping it was a reaction to the new suncream I used on her.
5. And now Little Miss S has conjunctivitis. Yesterday it was one eye, today it is two eyes.

Now I know these are all minor things & by and large everyone is healthy.



The girls have been incredible. Resilient and flexible and excited and wow here and wow there. It’s been a joy seeing their wonder at new things.

Meanwhile I’ve been collecting $1 coins for the washing machines and learning the difference between operating the fridge on gas/car battery/mains power because we’ve already had 2 lots of food spoil whilst travelling. The logistics of moving a family and all the stuff you (apparently) need to survive is quite an art. I’m learning quickly.

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