Tomorrow I will officially be closer to 40 than 30. Well, technically that happened about six months ago, but you know what I mean. I won’t be able to call myself “early thirties”, and I will only be able to tag myself as “mid-thirties” for a little bit longer. And I’m OK with that. When […]

50 Days of Firsts

So today I did something totally random. I created 50 Days of Firsts –  -  #50daysoffirsts The idea came to me whilst I was jogging a few weeks ago. I thought, “how cool would it be to do a new thing, every day, for, say, 50 days?” That afternoon I sat down with my 2 […]

Dig, paint, chop: a weekend of catharsis

There are few things I enjoy more than wandering through a nursery. The smell, look and feel of plants are enlightening and calming to me. I could spend hours strolling amongst plants. Every visit to a nursery always results in a car boot full of plants. Which in turn results in raised eyebrows by my […]

Free fitness workouts online – exercise on demand

For those of you following my Mum Tricks Facebook page, you might have seen that my husband and I recently launched a new project – Exercise on Demand. We are passionate about making exercise accessible and fun and non-intimidating. That is what Exercise on Demand is all about. You can do whatever type of workout you want, wherever you want, when you […]

Keeping it Real – Episode 3

You know, I just started writing a post about all the stuff that’s been happening. And then I re-read it and deleted it because it was all whiny and annoying. I’m primarily blaming that female thing that likes to revisit every month as the reason (scapegoat). I’ve got nothing for you right now. Well, really […]

Anzac Biscuit recipes – original, processed, low fat, dairy free, vegan

Do you know the history behind the Anzac biscuits? Wikipedia states: “It has been claimed the biscuits were sent by wives to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation… Today, Anzac biscuits are manufactured commercially for retail sale.” So what does “manufactured commercially for retail […]